Privacy Policy

This privacy policy explains how btcwinex collects, uses, shares and protects users information obtained through "We" here refers specifically to btcwinex and its related companies. When collecting the personal information specified by users, we all have the legal and relevant specific requirements. For non-essential information, you have the right to decide whether to provide. The absence of non-essential information may prevent you from using certain permissions.

1. Collection of information

(1) Identity information: such as name, phone number, ID card number, copy of ID card, passport number and copy of passport, etc.;

(2) Characteristic data: such as gender, date of birth, etc.;

(3) Account information: such as account name and password;

(4)Image copy of personal ID information: including your certificate issued by the government, passport, ID card or driving license;

(5) Other information: such as home address, work address, E-mail address, non-confidential E-mail;

(6) When you use this website or the related services, we will collect information about your transactions and other activities on this website;

(7) The information btcwinex can obtain depends on different third party websites and your privacy settings. Once you connect btcwinex to a third party managed account and authorize btcwinex to access the information, you agree that btcwinex shall collect, store and use such information in accordance with this privacy policy;

(8) We will also automatically collect some information from computers, devices and browsers that you use when using btcwinex website or related services. Such personal information includes computer or mobile device information, including but not limited to identification code, device name and type, boot system, operating system, IP location and site;

(9) When you trading virtual digital currencies with a third party, it may provide your personal information (such as email address and phone number) to btcwinex, and we will use such information to confirm your identity or inform you of the related trading information. If you require, we will also prove your identity to third party.

We do not provide btcwinex website or related services to minors. Btcwinex has no intention of collecting personal data of minors. If we find that btcwinex accidentally obtained the minor's personal data, we will delete it.

2.Collection of reasons

(1) Provide and maintain services: we use the information collected to maintain our services and verify the identity of users. Based on legal obligations and system requirements, we are unable to provide services for you without data such as identification, contact information and related transaction information.

(2) Protect users: we use the collected information to protect user accounts and files of the platform.

(3) Comply with the requirements of laws and regulations: btcwinex takes the principle of respecting personal privacy and data security when implementing regulations, government requirements and general requests of users. Btcwinex will not disclose or provide any personal information to third party without the review of the legal team and the consent of users.

(4) Measure the website performance: we analyze website data to better understand users' experience on using the products. The operation team continuously analyze conducts data to ensure that the users experience can be continuously optimized, and all kinds of problems encountered in the use process can be timely solved.

(5) Communicate with users: for directly communicate with users, we collect users' personal information such as email address to help solve problems, like timely informing users of login, trading, account security and other related activities. If the identity is not verified before communication, we will not be able to respond to the user's request and questions. All communications will be properly and internally stored by btcwinex for review of accuracy.

(6) Implement the terms and other agreements: it is very important for btcwinex and our users to constantly review the terms to prevent potential violations. In order to protect the interests of users, we strictly and carefully implement the agreement signed with a third party, and seriously investigate any violation of our terms of use.

3. Protection of user data

Btcwinex makes every effort to ensure that any personal data collected through our website will not be lost, misused or tampered. To protect your privacy, btcwinex will provide reasonable technology and in accordance with the measures to protect personal data and trading information, personal information in aid of avoiding the loss, misuse, unauthorized use, access, disclosure, modification or damage (for example: the firewall and data encryption, building entrance guard or data access restrictions for physical controls, or personal data will be available only to employees who are required to know.) As for the user's personal data, registered account number and password, please keep them properly to avoid leakage. Except as required by the government or the btcwinex's disclosure of this policy, we shall be obligated to keep personal data confidential by sharing or providing the data to third party.

If you disclose personal information to third party or transmit sensitive personal information through the Internet, such as chat rooms, communities, BBS, etc., such information may be collected by other individuals or institutions, and the consequences are irrelevant to btcwinex. Since the form of electronic storage on the Internet cannot guarantee 100% safety of the information, we recommend that you understand and take independent security precautions to protect your personal information. We are not responsible for anything that may have happened as a result of unauthorized access to your personal data, or any loss or damage caused in this respect. If you suspect that your personal information, especially your account or password information has been leaked, please immediately contact btcwinex customer service.

4. Amendment of privacy policy

Btcwinex reserves the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, and users have the obligation to confirm the latest version of the policy at any time. Since btcwinex will not inform you of the change, please check the privacy policy regularly and pay attention to its revision. If you do not agree with the revised content, you should stop visiting the website immediately. When the updated version of the policy is released, your continuous visit to the website shows that you agree with the updated content and agree to abide by the updated privacy policy.