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1. Information accuracy

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2. Effectiveness of services

We will do our best to provide services and ensure continuity and security for users. However, we cannot foresee and prevent laws, technologies and other risks at any time. Based on the particularity of the Internet, btcwinex does not guarantee that the services provided on this website or the functions contained therein will not be interrupted, lost, intercepted, changed, or always be safe, reliable, correct, complete or error-free. We do not guarantee that this website and servers have no virus, worm, hacker attack, or Trojans, including any other harmful instruction, program, or component caused by routing or system instability. Even we do not guarantee the timeliness or security of the services.

3. Charging services

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4. Account security

Btcwinex will not ask any user for a password and will not allow any user to transfer or make a payment to any account or digital assets deposit address provided by non-local trading center of the site. The website shall not be responsible for any loss caused by paying coins to the account or digital assets address provided by the non-local trading platform.

5. Service changes

Btcwinex can temporarily stop providing or restricting some functions of the services or providing new functions at any time. Btcwinex is not responsible for you or any third party as long as the user still uses the services, which means that the user still agrees to this agreement or the changed agreement.

6. User information

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7. Abnormal trading

Users agree and acknowledge that the services may not be available due to digital assets network connection problems or other force majeure factors when conducting trading. Btcwinex shall not be liable for any damage caused by the failure of the website notifying the user about the subsequent processing of relevant transactions when meeting the abnormal situation, which caused by the user providing wrong information. Btcwinex reserves the right to correct, remove, cancel or delete the affected transactions in the event of any error when handling transactions, and btcwinex shall not be liable for any damage caused thereby.

8. User comments

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9. Force majeure

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